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Orthotic Shoes and Orthopaedic Shoes

Orthotic Shoes: This is a term often used to describe shoes that have built-in custom-orthotic inserts. However, custom orthotics are generally made to fit multiple pairs of shoes, not confining to a single pair of shoe. So any shoes that are fitted with custom orthotics can be called orthotic shoes. There are certain shoes that are more orthotic friendly, as they have a removable insole which can better accommodate custom orthotics. 


Orthotic shoes are not to be confused with custom-made shoes, which are manufactured using a plaster cast of your foot and ankle, and are hence fully customised shoes (including the insole and outsole). Chiropodists can prescribe custom-made shoes to help accommodate severe bony foot deformities (charcot foot, diabetic foot, drop foot, amputations, leg length difference, etc.) to provide better support, balance, stability, and cushion.


Orthopaedic Shoes: These are non-custom made shoes that provide a good arch support, heel stability, and cushioning. They come in different widths and depths to better accommodate minor soft tissues or bony deformities, such as swollen feet, swollen ankles, bunions, hammertoes, arthritic feet, etc.

Although orthopaedic shoes do not come with custom orthotic inserts but you can get an added benefit by wearing your orthotics with them. Please make an appointment with our Chiropodist for a thorough foot assessment, and to see a wide range of orthopaedic shoes at MediFeet Clinic. 

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