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Clawed Toes / Hammer Toes

Clawed toes (or Hammer toes) is a foot deformity where the toes start to bend/curl. The little toes (i.e all toes except the big toe) consist of 3 tiny bones and 2 joints. When these joints start to bend it results in a hammer or clawed toe. The condition is generally treatable.

Hammer toes can lead to the development of corns or calluses at either the top of the toe or at the tip of the toe. If left untreated, they can turn rigid and tendons can lose almost all of their function. Therefore, it is imperative to seek professional help from a Chiropodist/Podiatrist as soon as possible.​

Signs/Symptoms of Clawed Toes

  • Bending or curling of the toe when standing up

  • Build up of callus or corn on the toe

  • Rubbing of the shoe on the toe

Common Causes of Clawed Toes

  • Imbalance of the muscles -  Muscle imbalance on the top and bottom of the foot can also cause contracture of the toes resulting in hammer toes

  • Narrow fitting shoe – as the toes get cramped to fit in the shoe, they are forced in a claw or hammer toe position because of the pressure

  • Trauma - A sudden jamming of the toe can result in breaking of the bone, resulting in hammer toe

  • Length of your toe – If your 2nd toe is longer than your first, you are more susceptible to developing a hammer toe

  • Arthritis

 Treatment Options

  • The treatment for clawed toes varies based on the severity of the condition.

  • Digital orthoses to help straighten the toe

  • Gel toe sleeves for protection and cushion

  • Orthotics (Truly customised shoe inserts)

  • Buddy toe splints

  • Debridement of corn/calluses

  • Surgical correction: Tenonotmy

  • Surgical bone correction

Clawed Toes Podiatry Mississauga
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